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Biggin Hill Airfair 2003
Biggin Hill Airfair 2003 was saved after there were fears that it would be cancelled. The following article was taken from the offical site.


The Biggin Hill International Air Fair has been saved by News Shopper newspaper.  Months of negotiation between the newspaper, air fair organisers and business chiefs, led to an announcement this morning that the show will go ahead in 2003.

The newspaper became involved when it was revealed next June's event would have to be axed because of escalating costs.

With £100,000 needed to guarantee the event would be held, it was a tough task, but News Shopper came to the rescue.

Publisher Martyn Willis, who led the negotiations, is delighted the show has been saved for the people of south east London and north Kent.

He said:  "I am absolutely delighted we have been able to step in at the eleventh hour and save the air fair.

"This air show and its links with historic Biggin Hill are famous around the world - it would have been terrible if it had folded."

"There has been a great deal going on behind the scenes to save the show and I would like to personally thank co-sponsors for their commitment".

News Shopper has been joined in sponsoring the show by John Power, chairman of the Westmead Business Group.

Westmead owns various companies across south London, including the Aerodrome Hotel in Croydon and Addington Palace Hotel and Country Club.

Jock Maitland, of Air Displays International, which organises the annual event, says it was vital the show was saved as it fills an important date in the air display calendar.

He said:  "I am very pleased and relieved that this historic display is to go ahead.   We are hoping for good weather and good crowds and expect it to be a great success".

"It is marvellous that the News Shopper and the two companies have got involved".